Natural skin care tips that will leave your skin glowing

Inevitably, your skin is your most valuable asset. A glowing skin boosts confidence and gives you the energy to execute your daily activities. Skin care industries seize the chance to unleash new products at the break of every dawn. Actually, an average person uses a minimum of 10 products on their body every day. Since the human skin is squishy, it ends up absorbing more than 150 chemicals from the skin products applied to it. [Read More]

Top Tips For Straightening Your Hair Without Damaging It

Hair straighteners are perfect for achieving a smooth, sleek style, and you can use them for creating curls too.  However, using hair straighteners on a regular basis can damage your hair, leaving it dry and dull.  Here are some practical tips on how to straighten your hair without ruining it. Preparation If your hair is inclined to frizz or you have trouble controlling flyaways, try using a tiny amount of shampoo only on the roots of your hair. [Read More]

How to Turn Your Salon Into a Client Magnet

Ladies have dominated traditional salons, booking in advance and then awaiting their turn to turn their hair curly and wavy and sure to turn heads and leave tails wagging. The market has since shifted with more men styling up and paying closer attention to their looks. The best stylists and barbers are in high demand, and a few marketing stunts are sure to keep clients, both men and women, coming back for more. [Read More]

Let your daughter keep her look interesting and fresh with flip in hair extensions

Your daughter's hair should always be her crowning glory, even when she wants to experiment with her look. The use of flip in hair extensions will allow her to change her length and colour semi-permanently without damaging her own hair or forcing her to keep a look she desired, but is uncomfortable with. How flip in hair extensions work Flip in hair extensions are usually made of real hair and are available in a range of natural colours, including black, auburn and different shades of brown and blonde. [Read More]