How to Turn Your Salon Into a Client Magnet

Ladies have dominated traditional salons, booking in advance and then awaiting their turn to turn their hair curly and wavy and sure to turn heads and leave tails wagging. The market has since shifted with more men styling up and paying closer attention to their looks. The best stylists and barbers are in high demand, and a few marketing stunts are sure to keep clients, both men and women, coming back for more.

Plan in advance

Attracting more clients requires more than just adding new décor to your salon. Consultation with professional design and business consultants can help you come up with the perfect plan to command a bigger client base.

Remodel your salon

A space that is appealing and spacious will be inviting to your customers. Before renovating, look around and get inspiration from some of the award-winning salon solutions. Decide on what to improve on by consulting other salon owners to find out what works for them. Ask your existing clients to get their opinion; this will assure them that you value their opinion and loyalty.

Come up with a unique concept and work closely with your designer to bring your idea to life. Choose your furnishing carefully to avoid costly future remodelling. Buy high  quality hairdressing furniture, sinks, mirrors, lighting and any other accessories that you need to add to your new design.

 Boost your clients' confidence

Customers need assurance that you will quickly achieve the dream look that they desire. You can tap into their confidence by making them feel they will always get the best service from you and keep them from your competition across the street. Incorporate some large attractive displays of the latest grooming trends that stylists at your salone can do. The displays will be quite an eye catcher as clients are always curious to try out new styles.

Teach them something new

Men's loyalty to their barber makes them a stable customer base. Occasionally point out why and which products are used together to give your client some new insight, and encourage them to try out a new product or add one they are already using. Try suggesting certain hair products that will work well with different hair types to gain more product sales.

Focus on your vision

Realising the best outcomes requires that you have clear goals that will guide your transition. A clear view will help you avoid any distractions, prevent time wasting and work within your budget. Whether you aim at achieving maximum use of your space, enhancing the lighting or partitioning your space to offer standard services and VIP services, a clear focus will keep you going and your clients coming in.