Let your daughter keep her look interesting and fresh with flip in hair extensions

Your daughter's hair should always be her crowning glory, even when she wants to experiment with her look. The use of flip in hair extensions will allow her to change her length and colour semi-permanently without damaging her own hair or forcing her to keep a look she desired, but is uncomfortable with.

How flip in hair extensions work

Flip in hair extensions are usually made of real hair and are available in a range of natural colours, including black, auburn and different shades of brown and blonde. Any girl will be able to find her preferred shade of hair.

The strands of hair are attached to the back part of what is really a headband. This is put around the head so that it sits quite low at the back of the head. The natural hair is then pulled through the band to flow over it and over the extensions.

Advantages of flip in hair extensions

Flip in hair extensions are not permanent, but are close fitting enough to be kept in for a fairly long period and to be treated like real hair. Your daughter can have all her hair, including the extensions, cut and styled.

The hair extensions will make your daughter's hair longer and thicker. If she wants to have more volume in her hair, but does not want to advertise the fact that she has extensions, then they can be cut to the length of her natural hair once they have been put in. This way, her hair will look more voluminous without looking false.

It is natural for a girl to want to experiment with the look and colour of her hair, not only for a special occasion. Hair extensions offer her the opportunity to be able to do this without resorting to permanent measures such as dying or highlights. She can also have all her hair cut to a short style, but keep the volume, which is sometimes lost with shorter styles.

These extensions can be kept in for an extended period and treated like real hair, but can also be put in for a special occasion and then removed soon thereafter.

Choosing flip in hair extensions

If your daughter is attending a formal dance and wearing a long dress, then she will want to have long, flowing hair to complement her look. This is when she should choose longer hair extensions that match the colour of her hair. If the occasion is slightly less formal and she is wearing a shorter, more trendy dress, she should choose extensions that offer her volume rather than length. The colour she chooses should create the look of highlights in her hair, or may even contrast with her hair.

If your daughter does not want to use flip in hair extensions, then she may choose to use tape hair extensions, which offer most of the same advantages.