Beauty & Fashion Career Options for Stay-at-home Parents

Many parents leave the workforce while they have young children, in order to spend some time with them during those precious early years. Once the kids hit school age, parents often start thinking about ways that they can earn more money while still taking care of their childrens' needs. If you are looking for a new career that you can do during school hours then keep reading. 

Beauty therapy services

It can be a great idea to run a home salon that provides beauty therapy services to other school parents on a 'school hours' schedule. If you already have a passion for beauty you might have a range of products you can use and know some techniques that can help people get a refresh to their beauty routine. 

Even if you already have a passion for beauty it can be useful to take a beauty therapy course to learn other techniques you might not know, as well as learning about running commercial services and tips on how to sterilise materials and equipment. You can find courses that can teach you the basics of skin care, makeup application and nails so that you can provide a full experience. These courses can be done online or in person and often have a flexible delivery programme so that you can manage your study around your family commitments.

Clothes alteration

If you love fashion it can be a good idea to run a home alteration service. Many parents are no longer familiar with the basics of clothes alteration or may not have access to a sewing machine. This can be a great way to earn some extra money on a limited budget and, again, you may find a ready market amongst other school parents looking to get pants hemmed, school uniforms repaired or seams let out. If you are looking to do some more complex dressmaking it can often be useful to do a formal course to learn new techniques. You might be able to repair and alter thrift store finds into funky new items you can sell online or at markets. 

If you are looking to find a job that you can do during school hours often the best path is to make your own job, by finding ways to use your own skills in a marketable way. If you love beauty and fashion, create a job where you can explore your passion every day while still being available for your children.