Suit Care | 4 Strategies To Take Good Care Of Your Suits In Between Each Dry Cleaning Visit

Suits are expensive, especially when you need to invest in a few for your work or social calendar. Dry cleaning is an excellent way to ensure that your suit remains in pristine condition for longer, but in between every trip to the dry cleaner, you need to make sure that you take good care of it. This guide will equip you with smart strategies to take good care of your suit in between every dry cleaning visit.

Rotate Between Different Suits

Wearing the same suit constantly over and over will result in it prematurely wearing out before its time. You need to give your suit time to recover, so be sure to rotate between different suits for maintaining long-term durability.

Steam Press The Suit To Remove Wrinkles Before Wearing

You can also use a steam presser to remove all wrinkles before wearing your suit to give it a freshly pressed appearance without always waiting for dry cleaning. Keep in mind that you should always set the steam presser to the lowest setting to prevent excess heat from destroying your suit material.

Brush Off Any Food Or Dirt Accumulated On It Immediately To Keep It Clean

Any dust, dirt, food or debris caught on your suit should be brushed away immediately to keep your suits clean for as long as possible and to prevent them from premature damage. Use a lint removal brush or even a regular brush to remove all dirt clinging to the suit once you wear it. You should ideally begin by going against the cloth grain for the best results. Apply quick and short strokes and remove all dirt particles from the brush before using it against the suit material once again.

Let Your Suit Hang After Wearing It

Once you wear a suit, it's likely to pick up wrinkles and body shapes. Allow your suits to hang for a few days on a hanger after wearing them to let the fabric recover and to loosen all wrinkles between each use. Avoid folding the suit because this will cause creases in folded areas, which may be difficult to remove even after ironing the suit. Make sure that every pocket is emptied to prevent any unnecessary creases or unusual shapes from forming. If you don't plan on wearing the hanging suit for a while, cover it with a cloth cover because this allows it to breathe even when it is stored away.

While dry cleaning is important to maintain the long-term durability of your suits, these strategies will help you take good care of them in between each visit to the dry cleaners.