3 DIY Beauty Treatments You Can Make With Ginger

Ageing is something that happens to everyone, but this doesn't mean that you can't turn back the clock by indulging in beauty treatments and by looking after your skin and hair at home. There are so many natural products with incredible beauty benefits that you can make at home.

Something you might have lurking in the back of your cupboard is a piece of ginger root. Before you grate it into a stir fry, you should know about how that ginger can turn back the clock and breathe life into your hair and skin.

Create an antioxidant mask. Ginger is one of the most powerful foods when it comes to anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are important for skin because they essentially protect your skin from the inside out, protecting it against nasty things like ultraviolet rays from the sun, and from the effect of pollution. With ginger, you can get a double whammy of anti-oxidant goodness. Put it in your morning smoothie but also grate it into a face mask with honey and a squeeze of lemon. The ginger will work its anti-ageing magic, the lemon will even out skin tone, and the honey will moisturise.

Reduce your cellulite. Are you afraid of wearing a bikini this summer because of cellulite patches on your thighs? Cellulite is simply fat beneath the skin that pushes against connective tissue to make it look bumpy, but no matter how ordinary and natural cellulite is, you probably wish that it wasn't there at all. And, yes, ginger can help with this too. Improved circulation can improve the appearance of cellulite, and this is exactly what ginger does. Again, you can add it to a healthy juice, but you can also apply a ginger, sugar, and olive oil scrub directly to your cellulite for optimal results.

Encourage hair growth. Long shiny hair is a sign of youthfulness and health, and ginger can help with that too. Because ginger stimulates circulation, it can encourage blood flow to your scalp, where there will be improved growth with improved circulation. You can simply mix some ginger oil into sesame oil and use this as a revitalising hair mask. Leave it on your scalp for ten minutes before washing it out, and repeat weekly. Not only will this encourage hair growth, but it will also eliminate dandruff.  

You may also want to look into anti-ageing treatments provided by local specialists and facilities.