Four Eyebrow Grooming Mistakes All Men Should Avoid

While men may not want to achieve the same look as women, eyebrow grooming is an increasingly popular way for Australian blokes to improve their appearance. Unloved, overgrown eyebrows can look messy, while their groomed counterparts can enhance a good haircut and create a great impression. However, novice eyebrow groomers may not always get things right. Make sure you always have great eyebrows, and avoid the following mistakes other guys are making.

Doing it yourself

It's easy to underestimate the scale of the task necessary to get your eyebrows under control. The average eyebrow can consist of up to 500 hairs, and if you don't tread carefully, you could do more harm than good. With a pair of scissors or clippers, you can easily cut your brows too short.

Many barbers and stylists now offer specialist services for men. Alternatively, ask your wife or girlfriend to recommend a beauty therapist that can do a good job. You probably wouldn't cut your own hair, so it makes sense that you pay an expert to do your eyebrows for you.

Over grooming

Too much eyebrow grooming can create a feminine look that won't improve your performance. What's more, your eyebrows grow just like other facial hairs. If you pluck them out, the eyebrows will quickly regrow, and you will soon end up with short, stubbly eyebrows that you cannot really do anything with. Groomed eyebrows look neat and even, but you shouldn't aim for perfection, or the end result will look unnatural.


Many women prefer to remove their eyebrows entirely with wax. This allows them to use cosmetics to create the exact brow shape and style they are looking for, but waxing is generally unnecessary and undesirable for guys. Waxing creates a blocked off, unnaturally square shape, which will detract from the natural look you want to achieve. Men normally benefit from tweezing, as this is subtle but precise, and you won't remove more hairs than necessary.

Failing to use grooming products

Just as you might use styling products on your hair and beard, cosmetic manufacturers now also offer several accessories that you can use to boost the appearance of your eyebrows. For example, brow gel is a clear, odour-less product that you can apply to your eyebrows. With a small amount of gel on your brows, you can control the odd rogue hair that might otherwise stick out. You can even buy tinted shades of gel to gently cover up any unwanted grey hairs.

Eyebrow grooming is no longer exclusively a female pastime. Talk to an experienced beautician for more information or advice about options like grooming and eyebrow tinting