When a Tan Doesn't Go to Plan: How to Avoid Spray Tan Slip-ups

A quick spray tan can achieve an attractive and natural looking bronze, reminiscent of bygone summer days, and is achieved without damaging the skin. But when it comes to achieving a glowing complexion, if the right procedure isn't followed there's plenty of potential for problems. From pigment pitfalls, or 'spray on' snafus, these reminders will ensure that instead of things not going to plan, you'll be a raving fan after your next spray tan.

Exfoliate Prior To Tanning Session

A golden rule to achieve a golden tone is before any spray tan to always exfoliate. A simple exfoliating scrub will ensure a more even skin tone while reducing the likelihood of any streaking. Loofahs or salt scrubs also work well to exfoliate skin before your spray session.

Swimming After Tan is Applied

Yes, we get that you want to show off your sexy new tan by the pool, but swimming too soon after tans are applied will fade the tans appearance and usually not evenly. Wait at least 6-7 hours after the spray tan has been applied before going in the water and remember that chlorine can dull the appearance and bleach spray tans. Over-showering will also wash off a spray tan faster, most of which last for around a week under normal conditions.

Don't Go Too Dark on Hands, Face and Feet

We've all seen tans that are too dark or too orange, and the areas where this is especially noticeable are around the hands, face and feet. Consider a lighter coat for these areas or opt for a lighter shade. Hands, feet and face that are too dark can be a dead giveaway that you're wearing a fake tan, as with a natural tan these areas will be lighter than other parts of the body. Ask for advice from a spray tan professional and remember to consider the season; opt for a lighter finish in winter.

Don't Moisturise Before Tanning Session

While you should exfoliate, resist moisturising as it creates a barrier between the spray tan and the skin and will result in streaking or spots.

Avoid Sweating or Moisture

Before heading out to the gym, or for that matter into a rain shower, make sure your tan has dried for at least 3 hours before any activity that may cause you to sweat. Sweat creates streaks, and in the world of spray tans, that's a definite no-no.

Remove Hair

Part of achieving a streak-free finish is ensuring smooth skin before the spray tan, hence the need for exfoliation. Hair removal is also an important part of a smooth finish as stubble can prevent even application of the tanning solution. Be sure to shave at least a day before going to tan to prevent any skin irritations interfering with the application.

Avoiding these spray tan faux pas will help ensure a flawless and even tan each and every time. For more advice about choosing the right spray tan for your skin tone, seek advice from a professional at a local salon like Ella Bache' Castletown.